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Kolkata Festival (A Social Club)

( Better Health Better Education )
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Individual Support

Individual support

KF spreads its loving and Caring hands to hold other’s hand with the responsibility for help needed & skill development and is after intended to promote goodness are to improve human quality of life. KF volunteers are trained in the area thy work such as educations, medicine, op helping such needy place are emergency rescue Such as needed leas is or in response to a natural disaster Kf care for our society from darkness to light....

KF leads to its generous, role to Stop Thalassaemia awareness compaign and medical treatment of thalassaemic children, to return the people in main stream by education with Spreading smile to give a new life. Under one umbrella Kolkata Festival is just like a family and our friendly co-operation and sincerity can travel from miles to miles with out any hesitation with devotion. KF can be a mother where hunger needs food and shelter KF cam be a daughter where old age needs touch , KF can be a voice to remove Thalassaemia , KF can be a candle in darkness by education. Kolkata Festival makes festival in darkness with humanity.

Some Special Moments

Kolkata Festival

Kolkata Festival

Social Awarness



Best wishes for Team KF. May Your Dreams come true form all sides. Go ahead team I m always with u bottom from my ♥. ......



Basanta asegeche ....nana range Rangia Dao ....amra Navnir oldage home abire ...Rangia gelam ...sakale ja b arnana Kara Jabena ...amra k hub khushi ....dinta o nader sat he vagkare ....

sudipta Bera

45/5 Indra Biswas Road kolkata-37

Ami jodio besi din add hoi ni kf e..bt sotti khub bhalo lagche add hote pere..choto chto bachha der niye ato chinta vbna dekhe r bises kore ei thalasimiya chotto bachha der pase kf thkche..eta dekhe ami dhonno kf n moumita dir kache

pinki bhunia

2/29.bansdroni,denesh nagar...khudiram park..kolka