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Kolkata Festival (A Social Club)

( Better Health Better Education )
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About Us

Kolkata Festival is a social club and organization with the main function of social contacts between members.It develops humanitarian activities and makes intimate bonding to each other members.Here Kolkata Festival is specific type of club in itself intended to bring together people they dont have any perticular interest members of KF go outside and enjoy leisure.

KF leads to its generous. role to Stop Thalassaemia awareness compaign and medical treatment of thalassaemic children, to return the people in main stream by education with Spreading smile to give a new life. Under one umbrella Kolkata Festival is just like a family and our friendly co-operation and sincerity can travel from miles to miles with out any hesitation with devotion. KF can be a mother where hunger needs food and shelter, KF can be a daughter where old age needs touch , KF can be a voice to remove Thalassaemia , KF can be a candle in darkness by education. Kolkata Festival makes festival in darkness with humanity.

Why Kolkata Festival ?

1. Social Responsibility 2. Volunteer Benefit 3. Networking and Friendship 4. Personal Development Skill 5. Be Cultural 6. Join Event or Project 7. Discover New Destination 8. Scope Photography

KF has scope to Knowing about a variety of subjects. Being refined and sophisticated. Being curious, unprejudiced, and open-minded. Being tolerant and respectful of people who are different from us. Living a life of excellence and discernment.