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Kolkata Festival (A Social Club)

( Better Health Better Education )
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Donate Medicine Donate Life

Don't put in dustbin unused or extra medicine, it could save our life

1. Please give medicine with in expiry date.

2. It is not mandatory to give a new full strip, you can give used strips also but thier expiry date on strip must be visible clearly.

3. Please give Oral suspension without break the seal. ( We can't receive used oral suspension )

4. Donor can donate unused or new surgical products.

Our Process

Fill up the form
Donate at Med Basket or request
We will collect medicine


Total Medicine


No Of People Donate


No Of Areas

Donors Details

# Name Type of medicine Total medicine Date Area
1 Kallyan Pally 62 2800 2018-04-29 Howrah near Nabanna Bus Stand
2 Nandita Sarkar 1 300 2018-05-01 Newalipur
3 Lovely Ghosh 8 600 2018-05-01 Jagubazar