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Kolkata Festival (A Social Club)

( Better Health Better Education )
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Donate Medicine Donate Life

Don't put in dustbin unused or extra medicine, it could save our life

Our Process

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Donate at Med Basket or request
We will collect medicine
What is Medicine Bank?

Medicine bank as the name suggest is a place where we can store excess medicine...but from the point of view of Kolkata festival ,a medicine bank is a place where people can donate their excess unexpired medicines which are dumped in one corner of the house...we will collect the extra medicines from all the corner of the society & supply them to the people in need..medicine bank will therefore prevent wastage of useful medicines & in return will create a healthy society where a proper balance will be furnished between health & wealth...we will circulate the donated medicines to those unwealthy people who needs proper health & hygiene...


Kolkata Festival is involved with many kinds of major social activities. But good health is an essential part of healthy society. We all know Health is Wealth, that is why we KF peeps the life of suffering people...While working for the society,we came across through many such instances where people cannot buy medicines for lack of money & lack of medical awareness..through our medicine bank we will do both...we will distribute medicines & create health awareness amongst the neglected strata of the community...we will visit all the doors of the society who will show interest to donate their excess medicines...we are forecasting to create a healthy nation through our medicine bank


1. To provide free health check up
2.To render possible social services free distribution of donating medicine, medical & surgical equipments to needed.
3.In the time of disaster We are possible to provide needed medicine and health support.


1.Civic has to be aware about Save medicine that is essentially needed from rich to poor all human being.
2.Collecting of wastage unused extra medicine will be the great opportunity to reuse.
3.Reuse of medicines save lives.4.Reuse or previously used medicines help save time, money, energy, resources and Resource recovery is a key part of making an economy circular. There are the focus of economy development.
5.Healthy children healthy future.

1. Please give medicine with in expire date.

2. It is not mandatory to give a new full stripl, you must give used stipls but there     expire date on stipl must be shown.

3. Please give Oral suspension without break the seal. ( We can't receive used     oral suspension).

4. Donor can donate unused or new surgical products.

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