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Kolkata Festival (A Social Club)

( Better Health Better Education )
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Mission And Vision

Mission And Vision

The mission of Kolkata Festival is a journey of a thousand miles. We are always with people who are really suffering, backward, illiterate, we have to return theme in the main stream of their lives to our society. Kolkata festival doesn’t help any people by money without indeed need without investigation. Because Kolkata Festival believes that nobody can buy happiness and time by anyhow. To bring smile, to bring happiness may it can be for a while do Kolkata Festival do them.

KF leads to its generous. role to Stop Thalassaemia awareness compaign and medical treatment of thalassaemic children, to return the people in main stream by education with Spreading smile to give a new life. Under one umbrella Kolkata Festival is just like a family and our friendly co-operation and sincerity can travel from miles to miles with out any hesitation with devotion. KF can be a mother where hunger needs food and shelter, KF can be a daughter where old age needs touch , KF can be a